Make The Leap
Is there such a thing as a “natural born leader”? Absolutely.
  • Leadership


    At Leap Frog Coaching & Consulting we believe a true leader is one who inspires and helps his or her people move forward in a quiet yet decisive way. Read more »

  • Team Development


    We believe that a team is a living, dynamic system.  It is a culture with both spoken and unspoken rules and values.  The system itself exerts tremendous influence on what gets done and how it gets done. Read more »

  • Resiliency


    It is often expressed that people or organizations with high level resiliency skills bounce “back” from adversity. We at Leap Frog Coaching & Consulting believe “back” implies having to start over.  Instead, we posit, what would be gained if you bounced “through” adversity?  Bouncing “through” is a continuation, a flow, a continuity that carries forward momentum rather than a loss of ground. Read more »

  • About Us


    At Leap Frog Coaching & Consulting, Melissa Bennett and her associates work with highly motivated individuals, groups, and teams, that are driven to thrive, and who know that they can. Read more »