About Us

MTBAt Leap Frog Coaching & Consulting, Melissa Bennett and her associates work with highly motivated individuals, groups, and teams, that are driven to thrive, and who know that they can. When you work with us, you will have committed to developing and enhancing the skills that  will move you forward in a decisive way and create inspired and sustainable momentum.  Together we will design a partnership that provides both support and accountability; where you will stretch beyond your comfort zone and grow exponentially, both professionally and personally.  Success is not a destination, it is the byproduct of living a balanced and fulfilled life.

We believe that there are three elements that create success:  effective leadership, exceptional team and management development, and “proactive” resiliency.  Our clients understand that these three areas are inextricably intertwined and that their alignment is the key to providing maximum results.

A number of studies confirm that coaching works. Through the advances of neuroscience and brain imaging, we are making leaps and bounds in understanding why.  We now know that the coaching process is greatly enhanced and quickened when combined with an understanding of how the brain works.  Leap Frog Coaching & Consulting is on the cutting-edge of neuroscience-based coaching, and with this specialized knowledge, our clients make two leaps forward, rather than just one.

Benefits of working with a coach for individuals:

  • It will have a major impact on your business performance.
  • It will improve your personal life and  family relationships.
  • You will help others reach their potential.
  • You will minimize stress and overwhelm.
  • Your will reach a new level of inner self-confidence.

Benefits to Organizations:

  • Long-term sustainable performance improvement.
  • Talent retention.
  • Talent development.
  • Better-developed employees.
  • Lower staff turnover and absenteeism.
  • Positive workplace environment.
  • A culture that makes you the employer of choice.

Our Philosophy:

We live in extraordinary times. New dynamics, accelerating exponentially in complexity and consequence, are challenging the basic structures that shaped our lives. We need leaders who can make bold commitments, stay centered and calm in the midst of intensity, and lead the way toward a more sustainable, harmonious, and just world.
–Doug Silsbee

We emphatically believe that we must be involved, active and committed members of our community, and that we must be responsible stewards of the environment.  To that end, we work with entrepreneurs, independent businesses, and leaders in one-on-one, group, and team settings.  We are fortunate to live in a time where inspired and sustainable action dictates progress, and we can truly make a difference in our world.

Take the Leap:

Take the leap and move two steps ahead.  Your next lily pad is waiting.

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