Team Development

Team and Management Development:

It is said over and over again:  you can have a “B” product as long as you have an “A” team.  If you do not have a stellar team in place, you are treading water.
A team is a system that should perform as a unit.  It is not a cluster of individual personalities with varying degrees of perceived importance that happen to work together.

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
–Henry Ford

The Next Evolution – We work with the Team as a System

We believe that a team is a living, dynamic system.  It is a culture with both spoken and unspoken rules and values.  The system itself exerts tremendous influence on what gets done and how it gets done.  Team members know this.  Therefore, the team needs to be coached as a system – a living entity that has a life apart from the individual personalities and their interrelationships.  This is truly where the leverage is for team performance.

  • Mindset – We create a mindset that takes the focus off of individual team members and their relationships with each other and shifts it to the team as a whole, to what we call the third entity which is the team.
  • Skillset – We introduce a team skillset that provides team members with the essential disciplines necessary to be a fully engaged, sustainable, performing team.
  • Outcome – The collective, generative power of the team is released.

We work with a Proven State-of-the-Art Team Diagnostic Assessment

The high-performance team model and corresponding web-enabled diagnostic assessment are based on research that shows that most successful teams have the means in place to take productive action and to build effective relationships that motivate and sustain the action.*

The Team Diagnostic Model is built on two fundamental axes: productivity and positivity.  The Team Diagnostic Assessment results then broken down into nine different levels of analysis, starting with a comprehensive “footprint” of the current state of your team and moving through to the most granular level.

Once the assessments have been fully analyzed, Leap Frog Coaching & Consulting creates a customized one or two day off-site experience where the team as a system will be revealed to itself.

More than a mere “Team Building” weekend, the program includes six months of follow-up team coaching support as well as a redeployment of the assessment at the end of the engagement in order to chart the team’s progress.

* Team Coaching International, 2008

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